Practical Information


Getting to Heidelberg

Heidelberg is located about 90 km south of Frankfurt-am-Main, with its major international airport. From the U.K., RyanAir offers cheap flights to Baden-Baden and Frankfurt-Hahn from London Stansted, which are both about an hour away by a special Airport Shuttle. GermanWings also flys to Stuttgart, which is also about an hour away by train. When your travel arrangements and arrival times are settled, you should contact us so we can meet you.

Getting Around in Heidelberg.

Heidelberg is a small city, and it is possible to go almost everywhere by foot. Nonetheless, the fees include a week long pass that is valid for all local buses and trains. It extends as far as the campsite where participants may wish to stay. We can also provide bicycles for interested participants for a small cost.

Upon receiving your registration and travel information we will send you more information about where to go and what to do when you get here.


As it is located in a steep river valley, and is an internationally renowned tourist destination, Heidelberg has a major problem with accommodation. We will arrange accommodation for participants at either a youth hostel or at a nearby camping site (tent or log cabin). Participants should indicate their preferred form of accommodation as soon as possible, and we will make the necessary bookings. Every possible effort will be made to see that participants are housed together. All participants will spend one night at a youth hostel in Trier. This is included in the prices listed below.

Those who would prefer single room or hotel style accommodation will need to arrange it for themselves. The cheapest single rooms available in Heidelberg are about 55 Euros / night.

Youth Hostels:

There are two youth hostels in Heidelberg. Both offer dormitory style rooms containing four to eight beds in them. Youth hostels tend to be reserved far in advance here, and July is the height of the tourist season, so please register early if you would prefer this option. Naturally, we will try and ensure that participants are given a shared room.


The cheapest option is to stay at a camp site located just outside of Heidelberg, in the beautiful Neckar Valley. The facilities of the site are excellent – with warm showers, washing machines and a restaurant. Please bring your own camping equipment (tents, sleeping bags etc.) It also possible to stay in a log cabin at the camp site, in which case it is necessary to bring your own sleeping bag or bedding.

The camp site is located about 5-10 minutes away from the Centre by bus or train, but the nearest train station / bus stop is about 15 minutes by foot from the campsite. It is also possible to bike directly from the campsite to the centre of Heidelberg in about 20-30 minutes.


Participants are responsible for providing their own nourishment. Very reasonably priced buffet style lunches and dinners are served by the cafeteria of the university mensa (c. 2 to 4.5 Eur, depending on weight) and a wide variety of restaurants can be found located near the institute. Food is generally quite cheap in Germany, and local supermarkets will be pointed out to the participants at the start of the seminar.

Expenses and Costs:

The cost of the summer seminar is 250 Euros (roughly $320 U.S. or ₤165 U.K.), plus accommodation. The cost of the latter depends on type of accommodation prefered. The 250 Euro fee covers transport to sites, a week pass for regional transport, a package or handouts and reading materials, and entrance fees).

Youth Hostel. 300 Euros
Camping, Tent. 125 Euros
Camping, Cabin. 175 Euros
Youth Hostel in Trier only 30 Euros